Best Practice for Design HTML template for Email Marketing

email marketing, Best Practice for Design HTML template for Email Marketing

More than 50 percent of all email messages are already read through mobile devices, and this increase is expected to continue. Furthermore, smartphone apps are selective, including at least the majority of them closing or even deleting an email that’s not mobile-friendly.

email marketing, Best Practice for Design HTML template for Email Marketing

You must use a web friendly HTML email interface for your emails to prevent missing clients on your mobile. It involves any use of coding methods such as media queries, fluid layouts as well as photographs, and mobile-specific copy.


Multiple column formats on smart phones typically look squashed, cramped, and difficult to manage. That’s why sticking to a listview style is preferable.

And then when displayed with various email clients, the same column style makes the email cross device friendly as well as simpler to read.

email marketing, Best Practice for Design HTML template for Email Marketing

A listview arrangement also optimizes your template and draws attention to the most critical aspects of your text.

When developing for smartphones, 320px is the ideal width (640px to retina).

2. Fonts

Pick fonts which are easily readable and understand. If the fonts in your emails are too small, many people will disregard them.Nobody needs their eyes to struggle when reading a small letter.

Using a minimum of 13 as well as 14 pixels for text or 20 to 22 pixels for names. Your email would be much easier to read on even a small screen as just a result of this.

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3. Content

First and foremost, make the most significant calls-to-action or bid (for e-commerce webpages) visible just above the fold. People who read emails on their phones normally skim them and don’t click down to find the latest deal or even the “buy now” tab.

Since you will not be able to fit most of your mail newsletter’s contents into the smartphone edition in certain situations, make absolutely sure and include even the most relevant aspects of your note.

email marketing, Best Practice for Design HTML template for Email Marketing

Try restricting the amount of items and sales in the mobile edition of your email if you usually have a lot of them. Note that your screen selection does not have to fit your device selection. Consider the smartphone device interface and what is best for it.

Straightening down the quality of your email helps on-the-go users to continue focusing on your post, which leads to higher conversion rates.

4. Buttons

Buttons are designed to be clicked when the client is on a specific conversion route. This ensures that your buttons must be big enough for consumers to press them effortlessly.

email marketing, Best Practice for Design HTML template for Email Marketing

To encourage the user to quickly connect with your e-mail, have a visible call-to-action that would be at least 40 by 40 pixels (ideally wider).

Also, avoid using hyperlinks, particularly when multiple hyperlinks are used simultaneously. Strapping them can be a difficult task. All hyperlinks can be replaced with keys.

Attach the click to call feature to a mobile number if you wish your customers to dial it.

5. Images

Mobile devices typically load online content slower than PCs, so keep in mind how large your email become. The photographs in your emails are the biggest items, so if you don’t want to lose readers, it leads to slow loading times, use smaller, sensitive images. This would also save some space for your readers.

On the other-hand, certain handheld devices have screens with extremely high resolution, including Retina and Super Amoled. To provide the expected consistency to consumers of such devices, you must use images that are twice the size of normal smartphone images for those devices.

Often, don’t expect the images to be seen all of the time. Some email clients display photos, while others do not. Make sure you’re ready for circumstances like this by using alt tags.

6. Test

The final and most critical move before delivering the emails to your users is to check them. You must ensure that the designs are compatible with all major smart phones. Litmus as well as Email over Acid are two common platforms for checking HTML emails. Conversely, it’s still safer to research on actual devices if at all necessary.

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