The 7 Best Free Apps for Android and iOS

Android and iOS, The 7 Best Free Apps for Android and iOS

The latest mobile apps have made managing day-to-day affairs much easier. Owing to the constant evolution in the field of technology, the current generation has the whole world at its fingertips. Every task that you need to get done can be completed from the comfort of your home, with just a tap on the mobile phone screen. Android and iOS

From handling finances to staying in touch with your loved ones, these apps have almost assumed the role of a virtual assistant who manages all your personal and professional commitments. Whenever you upgrade your phone, the first thought is to download all the must-have apps. You only considered it ready to use once you have all the desired apps installed.

But the list of top-most apps is not static. It keeps changing with new and improved software arriving every now and then. In this article, we have handpicked the most relevant apps to have in your iPhone or android mobile in 2021.

Social media apps

Social media apps are something that we simply can’t do without. It is hard to imagine being oblivious to what’s happening in the world. Therefore, here are some of the best apps to help you stay updated all the time.


Equally popular among Android and iOS users, Twitter is the go-to app for anybody who enjoys quality social interactions over the latest news from around the world. As soon as an important event takes place, it becomes the leading hashtag with Twitter users sharing their opinions about it. With a community of over 190 million daily active users, Twitter still continues to be one of the leading social media apps.


Pinterest has fast emerged as a favorite among young users of social media. Launched later than rival apps like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has gained significant popularity during the last decade. A variety of content, ranging from pictures to quotes and educational resources, can be shared with a large community of global users quite conveniently. The design is still quite unique with not many apps offering similar options to share Pins, boards, and profiles.


Initially, Instagram was a platform dominated by young lovers of photography. The website would be filled with scenic posts and exotic cuisines. But lately, this app is also used for more commercial purposes. Different kinds of businesses have started registering themselves on the app to gain an advantage of its wide outreach. Nonetheless, Instagram is still better suited to users who are fond of the aesthetic aspects of things. 

Educational apps

Considering the time we spend glued to our mobile phone screens, it could be life-altering if we started using them for something more productive. Learning a skill while on the go is probably one of the best parts of having a smartphone. And some free apps allow you to do that quite conveniently.

Duolingo Android and iOS

People from all over the world are more connected than ever. Interactions with people from different nationalities are a need of the hour. So, it’s always helpful to learn new languages that would enhance your professional prospects along with improving your interpersonal skills. This amazing free app allows you to do just that, with easy and well-planned lessons that ease you into the task. Believe it or not, the experience is even better than attending a paid language lesson!

Health and wellness apps

There are various apps available on both android and apple stores that allow you to monitor your health regularly. Such checkups are helpful in staying fit and also save the time taken to consult an expert for minor checks. Our top pick in this category is Headspace.


Your physical health depends greatly on your mental health. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that mental health is the most important aspect of your overall fitness. Headspace is the ideal app to learn mindfulness and stress-management. Luckily, the Basics pack which is meant for beginners is completely free as well. Living in such stressful times, we simply couldn’t omit this one from our list of the best apps to have.

Recreational apps

With our busy schedules, our mobile phone also serves as the main source of entertainment for us. So, whenever you have a few spare minutes, you want to enjoy a simple, fun, and relaxing game. Although it is difficult to pick a few from so many genres of games and fun apps available, we’re sharing a couple that would suit all the Android and iOS users equally.

Two Dots

This fun and addictive time-killing game is suitable for almost all age groups. A hit on both Google Play and Apple App Store, this one is a sequel to the previously popular game Dots. Requiring no complicated strategy or planning, it is nothing short of a stress-buster. Android and iOS

PUBG Mobile

A complete contrast to our previous entry, this one is an intense, action-packed game. It took the gaming world by storm with its release about 3 years ago. You can gauge its popularity by the fact that it was chosen as the best game in its genre by over a billion users. Although there have been some controversies with youngsters becoming heavily addicted, there’s no denying the popularity that the game still enjoys in most parts of the world. 


Let’s admit, technology has us all enslaved. For one reason or the other, we’re all currently addicted to our mobile phone screens. Even our work is becoming increasingly internet-oriented.

The trend to rely on mobile apps for different needs is expected to increase even further. Your addiction to the mobile phone might not be such a bad thing, considering the future perspective. So, while we’re at it, let’s at least try to make the most of this addiction. 

In the end, here’s a quick recap of our list of the 7 best apps available for free to Android and iOS users.

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Duolingo
  • Headspace
  • Two Dots
  • PUBG Mobile
Android and iOS, The 7 Best Free Apps for Android and iOS
The 7 Best Free Apps for Android and iOS

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