11 best email marketing ideas

email marketing ideas, 11 best email marketing ideas

On any given day, most of our email inboxes are inundated with a torrent of automatic email newsletters that serve no purpose other than to give us something to do on our commutes to work: mark them all as unread without reading or unsubscribing entirely. email marketing ideas

According to Constant Touch, the average return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is $38 for every dollar invested. Email is, without a doubt, an integral part of any marketing plan, and the effectiveness of your email campaigns is largely based on how well you design them.

  1. What is an email marketing campaign?

An email marketing campaign consists of pre-planned content that is sent out via email with the goal of achieving a specific organizational goal. It is critical that recipients of an email campaign have opted in to receive this content and that each piece is useful.

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  1. Set a goal or objective.
email marketing ideas, 11 best email marketing ideas
Set a goal or objective.

What are your expectations from this email marketing campaign? Make sure you can answer this question clearly. Your email marketing campaign concept should have a definite goal in mind. You should have a core purpose in mind, as well as an overall theme for the one or more emails you’ll be sending. It’s not as easy as sending emails with the right tactics; it’s about coming up with the right email marketing campaign concept first, and then using the right tactics to make it happen.

2. Personalize

Everyone seems to be searching for ways to personalise their users’ web experiences. Personalizing website content can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but personalising email content is much easier. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t personalise your emails to some extent. You can customise content, deals, and delivery times for particular user groups as simply as adding the user’s name in the email subject line.

3. Include video content.

It has been confirmed that providing video content in your emails improves user curiosity and interaction. Videos boost the efficiency of your emails, and email will help your video content reach a broader audience — it’s a win-win scenario.

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4. Include GIFs.

We often use animated GIFs to convey emotion on the internet. They’re usually larger and easier to understand than emojis, and they have many of the same advantages as video without the huge file size or lack of email client support.

You should consider using them in your marketing emails on occasion. They’ll give your marketing campaigns a human face and maybe even a few laughs.

Look for a suitable reaction GIF to use in your next email campaign once you’ve decided on a marketing message. You could gain a little more goodwill and a higher response rate as a result.

email marketing ideas, 11 best email marketing ideas
Include GIFs.

5. Focus on cart abandoners

Reduce the number of sales or leads lost on your website by sending strategically positioned emails to abandoners. Abandoned cart emails will help you re-establish your brand and goods in the minds of your customers. Reiterating product benefits and/or providing an opportunity to complete the transaction (free delivery, free samples, a complimentary consultation, or a discounted or free trial of your service) will help you reclaim customers who may not have returned otherwise.

6. Make it easier for people to shop for your products.

Make it easier for customers to search for your goods if you want to increase sales. Why not allow people to shop directly from your email? The most successful campaigns make a compelling offer and guide visitors to the appropriate website.

If you are sending out an email to introduce a few new items, for example, include the product name, picture, description, and price right in the message’s body. Of course, a call to action should be included so that consumers can add the item to their shopping cart.

There is a bang. People who read the email have the option of making a purchase without visiting your website.

7. Add a Little Urgency to Your Email Campaign

email marketing ideas, 11 best email marketing ideas
Add a Little Urgency to Your Email Campaign

“In 24 hours, this connection will self-destruct.”

Doesn’t that sound a little ominous?

But guess what? It also generates clicks. Any of those clicks would almost certainly result in conversions.

Consider how you can make your marketing strategies more dramatic to encourage people to click through.

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8. Set Up Referral Program

Word-of-mouth marketing is a tried-and-true method of expanding the consumer base. Implement a referral email campaign to give it a new digital makeover.

Encourage people to join in your referral programme by sending emails with reminders.

Make sure the customers understand why making a referral is worthwhile, what they need to do to earn the incentive for referrals, and how to make it all appealing with good graphics.

Three emails can be used to accomplish the above:

Reiterating the advantages of joining the referral network.

As a reminder, send a follow-up note.

Include a monetary reward to encourage the potential referrer to act.

9. Overhaul transactional emails

The unsung heroes of email marketing are transactional communications. Though they aren’t the most thrilling or creative aspect of an email campaign, they are crucial to its success. Transactional emails aid in the establishment of a sound and a partnership with a client or subscriber. Customers rely on transactional emails to keep them informed about important details such as order status, returns and exchanges, and billing issues. However, just because the intent of a transactional email is to convey information does not rule out the possibility of showcasing brand personality. If you haven’t checked your transactional emails in a while

10 Test image types

It’s a good idea to test as many different aspects of your emails as you can (but not all at once!). Images are a great place to start. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of imagery and not think about which types of images work better in the end. Is there a discrepancy in user reaction to images of products in use versus images of products alone, for example? What is the difference between model images and actual customers or clients? Illustration vs. photography? Experiment with various forms of imagery to see which ones are more effective for your campaigns.

11. Showcase social proof.

There is no better way of marketing than word-of-mouth referrals. Use email marketing to feature and encourage rave reviews from real customers to take the email marketing to the next level. Testimonials work well in cart abandonment emails, transactional emails sent early in the subscription process, and emails sent to people who are in the consideration stage or who are likely to be interested in an upsell.

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email marketing ideas, 11 best email marketing ideas
11 best email marketing ideas

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