How Email Sender Reputation is Damaged & How to Improve It

How Email Sender Reputation, How Email Sender Reputation is Damaged & How to Improve It

How Email Sender Reputation is Damaged & How to Improve It

Successful email marketing campaign needs more planning than just hitting send to all button and hoping for good ROI. How Email Sender Reputation

Just 85% of emails make it to the recipient’s inbox, with a turnover rate of 25% to 30%. As a result, one of the things you should think about in your email marketing campaigns is enhancing the credibility of your email sender.

To achieve the best results from your email campaigns, a variety of variables must be considered, tracked, and managed over time.

Factors can damage your Reputation:

  1. Email list Health
  2. Non-permission-based data.
  3. Quality of Email content
  4. Sending emails inconsistently
  5. Keeping spam traps in your email list

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What is an email reputation?

The credibility of your email sending IP address indicates whether you are a spammer to email inbox providers. This is a score Internet Service Providers (ISPs) assign to you based on several factors that include:

  1. Number of messages sent.
  2. Email sending frequency.
  3. Number of recipients that mark your messages as spam. 
  4. Spam traps
  5. Bounces
  6. Opens, replies, forwards, and link clicks.
  7. Number of unsubscribed users

As a result, your sending reputation will follow you everywhere you send with that domain, which is why it’s important for you, as a sender, to take responsibility for your sending reputation and strive to protect and improve it wherever possible.

How to check if your Sender Reputation is bad?

One of the first things you can look at if you are having deliverability problems is your sender credibility. It is also possible that you sent emails inadvertently in a way that some email inbox providers consider spam. Worse, your IP address could have been added to an email blacklist.

Patterns, trends, and irregularities are what you are searching for. Since the industry norm for open rates is at least 20%, whether your open rates are substantially lower than that or have been declining over time, it is a good indication that your sending credibility is deteriorating.

In either case, begin by assessing your current situation. There are multiple resources available to help you assess your IP sender credibility, so choose one (or several) that makes the most sense to you. Here are three suggestions to get you started.

  1. Sender Score from Return Path
How Email Sender Reputation, How Email Sender Reputation is Damaged & How to Improve It

Return Path employees are email deliverability specialists who use a proprietary method called “sender score” to assess email sender credibility. Your sender score is a number between 0 and 100; the higher the number, the better.

Simply go to and enter your IP address to get a free evaluation of your current Sender Score. If your score is less than 90, you have space to change.

  1. ReputationAuthority from WatchGuard
How Email Sender Reputation, How Email Sender Reputation is Damaged & How to Improve It

ReputationAuthority is WatchGuard’s network security service for monitoring and protecting against malicious or unwanted email and web traffic. WatchGuard specializes in threat detection tools and appliances, and ReputationAuthority is their network security service for monitoring and providing defense against malicious or unwanted email and web traffic. Government agencies and large corporations use this programme to reduce unnecessary network traffic.

Type in your IP address to their IP lookup page to get a free evaluation of your IP reputation according to the ReputationAuthority app.

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  1. Barracuda

Barracuda provides a straightforward tool based on their own proprietary credibility databases. To ensure that the credibility information is up to date, the databases are monitored and updated on a regular basis.

  1. Google Postmaster Tools

Google Postmaster Tools is primarily concerned with your Gmail credibility. However, since Gmail addresses are so popular, your Gmail domain credibility may be a strong indicator of your overall domain reputation.

How can I improve my email reputation?

To achieve a high open rate and click-through rate in 2021, as well as a good email reputation, you’ll need to follow some of the most common patterns.

You will only get left behind if you rely too heavily on what came before, as technology continues to revolutionize email marketing. Furthermore, if you fall behind, your email credibility will suffer.

Here are a few ways to ensure that your email credibility is as good as possible in 2021.

  1. Send to High Quality Mailing Lists

The first move is to make sure you are sending emails to high-quality prospects. Your email list should be made up of real people who have opted in to receive your messages. To ensure complete compliance with global spam rules, it is best to collect these emails via double opt-in procedures.

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  1. Send from your own domain.

If you oversee a company’s email promotions, you can send them out from either your own domain or a subdomain of that main domain. The explanation for this is that free domain addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail would not allow you to establish a sending reputation. This would result in a significantly higher bounce rate.

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  1. Send relevant and interesting content.

Create segments for your email list and send customized, targeted emails to these segments. Sending customized emails to various segments has several advantages, one of which is that your content can resonate more with your audience. This would increase campaign participation and decrease the likelihood of being flagged as spam. Personalization can result in a better sending credibility in the long run.


The deliverability of your emails is heavily influenced by your sender credibility. You will maintain a good email sending reputation by implementing email best practices and closely tracking the success of your campaigns.

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